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Motherboard GE Carescape B850 Patient Monitor Main Board PWA 2037041-001

Product Details:
Brand Name: GE
Model Number: Carescape B850
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Box
Delivery Time: Within two days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal
Supply Ability: 20
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Detail Information

Brand: GE Model: Carescape B850
Application: Patient Monitor Warranty: 90 Days
Shipping: All Over The World Condition: Original
Material: Plastic Quality: Excellent
High Light:

B850 Patient Monitor Motherboard


037041-001 Patient Monitor Motherboard

Product Description

The GE Carescape B850 patient monitor features a highly advanced main board that offers several key benefits. These include:



  1. Enhanced computing power: The main board is equipped with a powerful processor that enables high-speed data processing and analysis, as well as seamless integration with other medical devices.

  2. Customizable interface: The B850 monitor's main board allows for a highly customizable user interface, which gives healthcare professionals the ability to tailor the display and settings to their specific needs.

  3. Multi-parameter monitoring: The main board supports a wide range of monitoring parameters, including ECG, SpO2, NIBP, IBP, and CO2, among others. This makes it a versatile tool for monitoring patient health across a variety of medical specialties.

  4. Data storage and retrieval: The main board features robust data storage capabilities, allowing for easy retrieval of patient data and trend analysis over time.

  5. Seamless connectivity: The B850 monitor's main board is designed for easy integration with hospital networks and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, enabling real-time data sharing and remote monitoring capabilities.

The GE Carescape B850 patient monitor's user interface is highly customizable, which allows healthcare professionals to tailor the display and settings to their specific needs. Some of the key features of the B850's user interface include:




  1. Flexible screen layout: The B850 monitor's main board supports a variety of screen layouts, allowing users to choose the configuration that works best for their workflow. This includes the ability to display multiple waveforms, numeric data, and alarms on a single screen.

  2. Configurable alarms: The B850 monitor's main board allows users to set custom alarm thresholds for each monitored parameter, as well as adjust alarm volume and duration. Users can also choose from a variety of alarm tones and visual alerts.

  3. One-touch navigation: The B850 monitor's user interface features a one-touch navigation system that allows users to quickly access commonly used functions, such as changing the screen layout or adjusting alarm settings.

  4. User profiles: The B850 monitor's main board allows users to save custom configurations as user profiles, which can be easily recalled for future use. This saves time and ensures consistency across multiple patients or shifts.

  5. Language support: The B850 monitor's user interface supports multiple languages, allowing healthcare professionals to use the device in their preferred language for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Flat rate repair pricing available

Selling and replacing for Electrocardiogram Monitoring / Defibrillator / EGG / Fetal Monitor Repair and parts.

Inspection Judgment / Chip / Mainboard, Power Supply, ECG PCB, SPO2 PCB, NIBP PCB, Display, Keyboat Plate, Specification PCB, Rotary Knob Maintenrance.

Selling and replacing all kinds of PCB, Power Supply, ECG PCB, SPO2 PCB, NIBP PCB, Display, Keyboat Plate, Specification PCB, Rotary Knob.

Monitor / Electrocardiograph for renting, maintenance, guarantee repairing and training.

Included brands: GE, HR MRX, Spacelabs, Siemens, Mindray, ZOLL, Medtronic, Tyco, NIHON KOHDEN, , Promeco etc.







DASH1800, DASH2000, DASH2500, DASH3000, DASH4000, DASH5000

SOLAR8000, SOLAR8000i, SOLAR8000M

(TRAM 400A, 451N, 451SL, 450SL, 851N, TEMP 400, SAM, SAM80)

Datex-Ohmeda, AS/3, S/4, S/5, Cardiocap/5

B20, B20i, B30, B40, CAM, Transport Pro, B650, B850



PRO300, PRO400, PRO1000, V100 AGLE1000, EAGLE3000, EAGLE4000


MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MP80, MP90, FM20, M4735A, M1351A,

M1355A, M1205A V24C

(M3000A, M3001A, M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3016A, M1013A, M3000-60001, M3000-60002, M3000-60003),

A1, A3, C1, C3, M2, M3046A, VM4, VM6, VM8, VS3, MP2, MP5, IntelliVue X2


BSM-1753, BSM-4102A, BSM-4104A, BSM-4114A, BSM-5135A,

BSM-5136A, BSM-5106A, BSM-6301A, BSM-6701A, BSM-2350, BSM-2351,

BSM-2351A, BSM-2351C, BSM-2303, BSM-2354A, BSM-2301A,

BSM-2304A, WEP-4208A, MU-631RA


Spacelabs 1050, 90369, 91369, Ultraview SL, 0496, 91496, mCare300
Siemens SC60002, SC6000, SC7000, SC60002XL

PM-6000, PM-7000, PM-8000, PM-9000, MEC-1000, MEC-2000

PM-7000Express, PM-8000Express, PM-9000Express, PM-6000, VS-800

VS-900, BeneView T5, BeneView T6, BeneView T8


Tyco NBP4000, NBP4000C


SPO2 oximeter Repair





GE Ohmeda TuffSat, Ohmeda 3900

NBP-40, N-65, NBP-390, N-395, N-550, N-560

N-595, N-600, N-600x

  Rad-8 SPO2 oximeter, Radical-7(MS-2011, MS-11, MS-7, MS-5)




Motherboard GE Carescape B850 Patient Monitor Main Board PWA 2037041-001 0

Motherboard GE Carescape B850 Patient Monitor Main Board PWA 2037041-001 1


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