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GE Tram 851N OxiMax Patient Monitor Module PN 2006171-009

Product Details:
Brand Name: GE
Model Number: Tram 851N
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Standard Normal package
Delivery Time: Within 1-2 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal
Supply Ability: 5
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Detail Information

Brand: GE Mode: Tram 851N
Price: Negotiation Quantity: 5
PN: 2006171-009 Warranty: 90 DAYS
High Light:

GE Tram 851N Patient Monitor Module


PN 2006171-009 Patient Monitor Module

Product Description

GE Tram 851N module OxiMax Patient Monitor Module PN 2006171-009

The GE Tram 851N module with OxiMax is a component used in GE Healthcare patient monitoring systems. It is specifically designed for continuous monitoring of a patient's blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. OxiMax technology refers to the pulse oximetry technology used in this module.


Key features and capabilities of the GE Tram 851N module OxiMax may include:


1.SpO2 Monitoring: This module utilizes OxiMax technology to non-invasively measure oxygen saturation levels in a patient’s arterial blood. It captures SpO2 readings using sensors typically placed on the patient's fingers, toes, or earlobes.


2.Pulse Rate Monitoring: In addition to blood oxygen saturation, this module also measures and displays the patient's pulse rate. This information helps healthcare professionals assess a patient's cardiovascular status.


3.Alert Features: The module has a configurable alert feature that can be set to alert healthcare providers when SpO2 or pulse rate exceeds predetermined thresholds. This allows for timely intervention in the event of decreased oxygen saturation or abnormal pulse rate.


4.Trend Monitoring: This module displays trends in SpO2 and pulse rate over time, allowing clinicians to assess changes in a patient's condition and track the effectiveness of interventions.


5.Integration with patient monitoring systems: The Tram 851N module is designed to integrate seamlessly with GE Healthcare's patient monitoring systems, allowing SpO2 and pulse rate data to be displayed along with other monitored vital signs and parameters.


It is important to note that specific features and functionality of the GE Tram 851N module OxiMax may vary based on system version and configuration


Here are some additional details about the GE Tram 851N module with OxiMax:


OxiMax Technology: OxiMax is GE Healthcare's proprietary pulse oximetry technology utilized in the Tram 851N module. This technology is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of oxygen saturation levels. It employs advanced algorithms that enhance the signal quality and reduce interference, resulting in more precise SpO2 readings.


Signal Quality Indicators: The module may include signal quality indicators that assist in assessing the reliability of the SpO2 measurements. These indicators help clinicians identify issues such as motion artifacts or poor sensor contact, which can affect the accuracy of the readings.


Compatibility and Connectivity: The Tram 851N module is compatible with GE Healthcare's patient monitoring systems, allowing seamless

integration and sharing of data. It can communicate with the central monitoring station, enabling remote monitoring and access to patient data from a central location.


User Interface: The module features a user-friendly interface with a display screen that provides real-time SpO2 and pulse rate values. It may also include navigation buttons or a touchscreen interface for easy configuration and access to additional settings.GE Tram 851N OxiMax Patient Monitor Module  PN 2006171-009 0

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