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B ultrasound clean and maintenance operation specification

November 28, 2017

Latest company news about B ultrasound clean and maintenance operation specification


Check before starting



(1) Turn on the power, check any problem for the device starts and operation function.And whether there are wrong code.
(2) Record the name, model, hardware and software version of the device, as well as the configuration of the probe.
(3) Ask about user equipment usage.
(4) Shutdown




Remove the peripheral components of the device and disconnect all cables from the device



(1) Remove the power, and cut off the power supply of the equipment.
(2) Carefully remove the probe from the connector and put it in safty place.Prevent the occurrence of accidents such as falling, collision and pulling cable.
(3) If B ultrasound is outfitted with external equipment such as printer and VCR, the equipment should be removed from the machine and separated from the device.
(4) Disconnect the signal line and control line of B ultrasound.Note the cable's interface position for future recovery.



Disassembly device



(1) Must be disassembled for effective clear the devide.
(2) The cable connector is very important, although most devices have devices that prevent the insertion of errors, but still pay attention to the correct connection of the connector.If there are no numbered sockets and plugs, take pictures or manual marks.
(3) Use appropriate tools and the right way to separate the shell and parts of the equipment.Under the right operating procedures, these jobs don't require a lot of effort.Improper disassembly and use of violent disassembly will result to equipment damage.
(4) About the the screw parts must be carefully stored and not be lost.







(1) Using high pressure fan
(2) The focus of the dust removal part includes
(3) Power supply chassis chassis
(4) Circuit boards
(5) Filter
(6) Fan unit
(7) Keyboard, the TGC controller and trackball





(1) Clean the surface and head of the equipment with high quality towels and mild detergent.
(2) When cleaning the probe, be careful not to pull the cable.
(3) Do not wash the filter with water.If must wash, must wait for the filter net to dry fully before can install to machine.
(4) When using a wet towel, take care to wring dry and prevent water droplets from entering the machine.




Reassemble and start



(1) Reassemble the disassembled parts back to the machine.
(2) Carefully check the connection of cables and ensure that they are correct and firm.
(3) Check that all the pieces and screws removed have been installed on the equipment.
(4) Reassemble peripheral equipment and cables to the original state.
(5) start up, pay attention to the starting process of the device, and then check the function of the system.






(1) The customer representative tests the machine function and confirms that the equipment is working normally.
(2) Restore the site to its original state and clean it.

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