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Baidu into the bureau of medical equipment sales? Response: donation of AI screening machines

February 26, 2019

Latest company news about Baidu into the bureau of medical equipment sales? Response: donation of AI screening machines

Against baidu in the industrial and commercial information in the scope of business of new content such as "sales class iii medical devices", baidu responded yesterday, baidu will be the medical donations to the country's 500 counties and AI retinal screening machine according to relevant state regulations, need to increase of medical equipment in the business license management qualification, can be related to hardware purchase and donation behavior.


Baidu online network technology (Beijing) co., ltd. recently added "medical device class II" and "sales of third class medical devices" and other contents, according to industrial and commercial information.In view of this, some netizens believe that baidu is preparing to enter the medical industry.To this, baidu responds to say yesterday, this is the need that baidu donates medical equipment.


Baidu said, according to the baidu can AI fu medical plans, baidu will be available to the country's 500 counties to donate and AI retinal screening machine cover 56 million eye disease risk, "according to relevant state regulations, we need to increase the medical equipment management qualification on the business license, only can be related to hardware purchase and donation behavior".


According to xu yanwu, chief architect of medical imaging of baidu lingyi, baidu AI all-in-one fundus screening machine is an intelligent device specially created by baidu for enabling grassroots customization. Through the combination of AI multi-fundus disease screening algorithm and fundus camera, the dual problems of grassroots equipment and medical resources are solved.At the same time, the device is easy to use, non-professionals can also complete the operation.At present, baidu's AI algorithm has been able to cover diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma, which are the three major blinding diseases. The specificity and sensitivity of AI fundus screening all-in-one machine for film reading have reached 94%, which is close to the level of the chief physician in the class a hospital.


In November 2018, baidu CEO robin li also announced that he will donate an all-in-one ai-eye screening machine to poverty-stricken counties in China, and give priority to pilot promotion in the first 500 medical centers in poverty-stricken counties that receive donations.The plan would cover 56 million people at risk of eye disease.

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