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[experience sharing] mindray PM series monitor black screen and blood pressure breakdown maintenance

August 21, 2018

Latest company news about [experience sharing] mindray PM series monitor black screen and blood pressure breakdown maintenance

Trouble 1. Mindray PM monitor black screen


(1) power failure -- replace the power panel


Judgment method: observe the ac indicator light first and turn on the ac power supply. If the light is not on, the power supply will fail.If the ac indicator light is normal, observe whether the indicator light has the "yellow-green-red" process at the time of starting, and whether you can hear the sound that completes the system's self-check start. If these phenomena are not found, you can preliminarily judge the power supply failure.

Repair method: replace the power supply board


(2) display failure


Judgment method: the power ac indicator light is normally on, and the machine is activated. You can observe the "yellow - green - red" passing by the indicator light, and you can hear the sound of the system's self-inspection. Press the "start button" of blood pressure to hear the sound of the air pump, indicating that the power supply is normal.Add VGA display to the machine. If there is no problem, the motherboard is working normally.A preliminary determination of the fault is caused by high pressure plate or display.Illuminate the display with a light source.If there is character display, and the high pressure plate is measured with 12V, +5V input, then the failure is in the lamp of the display.

Maintenance amplifier: replace the lamp

Guangzhou igu focuses on the maintenance of mindray monitor


(3) high pressure plate fault -- replace high pressure plate


Malfunction (ii) blood pressure malfunction of mindray monitor


(1) after pressing the air pump button, the air pump will work, but the sleeve belt will not reach the filling state, or there will be repeated air pumping, and the machine will report "air pressure error".

Fault analysis: these faults are mainly caused by the leakage of blood pressure module, and the places that can easily cause the leakage are: cuff, blood pressure extension pipe interface, electromagnetic valve, air pump, etc.

Repair method: replace the air leakage parts


(2) after starting blood pressure, NIBP reported that "NIBP communication error" air pump could not pump.

Fault analysis: this fault is mainly due to the interruption of communication between the blood pressure module MCU and memory

Maintenance method: the peripheral circuit of MCU should be tested first, such as whether the voltage of the power supply circuit is normal, whether the clock circuit is vibrating, whether the reset circuit is normal, and if all the circuit is working normally, the emphasis should be on the memory.

Maintenance: procedures for replacing blood pressure modules.

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