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Experience sharing |Nellcor OxiMax n-600x oxygen meter maintenance

July 20, 2018

Latest company news about Experience sharing |Nellcor OxiMax n-600x oxygen meter maintenance

Tyco Nellcor OxiMax n-600x blood oxygen meter maintenance


Failure phenomenon: after starting up, the n-600x oximeter prompts "EEE 718", and the "EEE 575 TRENDS LOST" after turning off, and then starting up again. The interface of blood oxygen is connected to the blood oxygen sensor, and the light of the blood oxygen sensor flashes normally.However, there is no blood oxygen waveform and value, so it is suggested to reconnect the blood oxygen probe. According to the prompt, after redrawing and inserting the blood oxygen probe and replacing the blood oxygen probe, the fault remains unchanged.


Maintenance plan: replace the blood oxygen board on the main board, troubleshoot!

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