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First Aid Measures In Daily Life

June 7, 2022

Latest company news about First Aid Measures In Daily Life

There are many first aid measures in daily life. If we know first aid in life, then we can give ourselves first aid in time when an emergency occurs. First aid measures are determined according to different accidents, such as fire. , floods, land affairs, disease emergencies, heart attacks, these are all things that need to be given first aid in time to get timely treatment and improvement. When first aid is needed, we must be prepared in advance, so the commonly used first aid measures are: Which ones? Take a look.


1.First aid for hypoglycemia fainting


Most of them are caused by starvation and malnutrition. After fainting, the patient should also lie down. If you are still conscious, you can give sugar water and food, and the condition will improve quickly in a short time. Severe hypoglycemia, in a coma state, as long as an appropriate amount of hypertonic glucose injection, can quickly wake up.


2. First aid for cardiac syncope


It is caused by a sudden decrease in cardiac output due to abnormal heart function. Cardiac syncope occurs suddenly, lasts for a long time, and the condition is more dangerous. You should race against time to rush to teach, otherwise, there is a risk of death due to cardiac arrest. First aid should be boxed chest area or chest compression surgery. And quickly escorted the patient to the hospital for rescue.


3. First aid for vascular syncope


The first aid for vascular syncope is mostly due to pain, mental tension, fear, anxiety, fatigue, sadness, anger, and sultry climate, etc., which dilates the small blood vessels of the patient's body, causes blood pressure drop, and is caused by cerebral ischemia. The patient has signs before fainting, such as feeling weak, short of breath, palpitation, dizziness, dizziness, and then suddenly faints. For such fainting patients, they should be placed on their backs quickly, keeping their head down and feet high, to improve the blood supply to their brains. And untie the patient's collar and waistband, etc., to keep breathing.

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