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GE CAM12 ECG Interface PN 501000059

August 22, 2023

Latest company news about GE CAM12 ECG Interface PN 501000059

The GE CAM12 ECG Interface, with the part number 501000059, is a specific component used in electrocardiogram (ECG) systems manufactured by GE Healthcare. It serves as an interface between the patient's body and the ECG machine, enabling the acquisition and transmission of electrical signals generated by the heart.

The CAM12 ECG Interface plays a crucial role in capturing and transmitting the electrical activity of the heart to the ECG system for analysis and interpretation. Here are some key features and functions of the GE CAM12 ECG Interface:

Electrode Connections: The CAM12 ECG Interface is designed to connect multiple ECG electrodes to the patient's body. It typically supports a 12-lead configuration, allowing for comprehensive ECG monitoring.

Signal Transmission: The interface module receives the electrical signals picked up by the ECG electrodes and processes them before transmitting the data to the ECG machine. It ensures reliable and accurate signal transmission for diagnostic purposes.

Compatibility: The CAM12 ECG Interface is specifically designed for use with GE Healthcare's ECG systems. It is engineered to integrate seamlessly with these systems, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Patient Safety: The interface module is designed with patient safety in mind. It adheres to relevant safety standards and guidelines to minimize the risk of electrical hazards or patient discomfort during ECG monitoring.

Ease of Use: The CAM12 ECG Interface is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. It typically features color-coded lead connections and clear labeling, simplifying the setup and ensuring correct electrode placement.

Maintenance and Cleaning: The interface module may require periodic maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper functionality. It is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and maintenance procedures.

It's worth noting that specific details about the GE CAM12 ECG Interface, such as detailed specifications or any additional functionalities, may be available through the manufacturer's documentation or by contacting GE Healthcare directly.

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