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Mindray Beneheart D6 defibrillator monitor disassembled

September 18, 2018

Latest company news about Mindray Beneheart D6 defibrillator monitor disassembled

In the process of dismantling and replacing parts of mindray Beneheart D6 defibrillator monitor, the following tools may be required:


Cross, tweezers, tip pliers, adjustable spanner, # 7 socket wrench, # 3 hexagon wrench




Before disassembling the minri Beneheart D6 defibrillator monitor, please make the following preparations:


1. Stop the defibrillation and monitoring of the patient, close the defibrillation monitor, and disconnect all attachments and external devices

2. Disconnect AC power and remove all batteries!


Before disassembly, please do a good job in removing static electricity. When removing some parts with static electricity sensitive mark, you should wear such protective equipment as electrostatic bracelet or electrostatic gloves to avoid damaging the parts.

When reinstallation, please pay attention to plug in the connection line, and place the connection line, so as to avoid short circuit caused by damage of connection line.

When reinstalling, choose the right type of screw. If the correct type is not selected and forced into the screw, the equipment may be damaged.And during use after reinstallation, screws or components may fall off and cause unpredictable product damage or personal injury.

When disassembling the equipment, please follow a certain order. If the order is wrong and the equipment is forcibly disassembled, it may cause irreversible damage to the equipment.

Before disassembling the component, make sure that all the connecting wires have been removed.

When removing the defibrillation monitor, the hook assembly, the electrode holder assembly and the front shell assembly must be disassembled in order before the internal components or parts of the machine can be disassembled.

When disassembly, please keep the placement point smooth and free of foreign body to avoid scratching the anti-glare screen, the touch screen or crushing the rotary knob.

Before removing the defibrillation high pressure treatment plate, the capacitance must be discharged by discharge tooling.If discharge tooling is not available, disconnect the ac power supply and remove the battery.The capacitance can be removed after two hours.

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