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Module CO2 module PN 867040 for MX400 MX450 to MX700

September 27, 2023

Latest company news about Module  CO2 module PN 867040 for MX400  MX450 to MX700

Non-invasive method that measures the concentration of CO2 in exhaled breath, providing valuable information about a patient's respiratory status.


Key features of the CO2 module (867040) may include:


Mainstream or sidestream configuration: It may offer a choice between mainstream capnography, where the sensor is directly attached to the patient's airway, or sidestream capnography, where a sample of the exhaled gases is drawn through a sampling tube to a remote sensor.

EtCO2 and pCO2 measurements: The module can provide continuous monitoring of end-tidal CO2 levels, which indicate the CO2 concentration at the end of expiration, as well as partial pressure of CO2 values.

Waveform display: The CO2 module can display a waveform graph, known as a capnogram, that represents the exhaled CO2 levels over time. This waveform can help clinicians assess the patient's ventilation status, detect abnormalities, and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

Alarms and alerts: The module is equipped with alarm capabilities to notify healthcare professionals if CO2 levels exceed or fall below certain

predefined thresholds. This helps in prompt identification of potential respiratory issues or complications.

Integration with patient monitor: The CO2 module is designed to seamlessly integrate with the IntelliVue patient monitor series, allowing the CO2 readings and waveform data to be displayed alongside other vital signs and parameters being monitored.


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