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Philips Intellivue MP2 /X2 Patient Monitor - M8023A POWER module

July 13, 2022

Latest company news about Philips Intellivue MP2 /X2 Patient Monitor -  M8023A POWER module

Philips Intellivue MP2 /X2 M8023A POWER are New and Original in stock now


We can offe New and Original with cable set 


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Dual-purpose monitor to ensure data continuity

Weighing only 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs), the IntelliVue X2 is not only a rugged transport monitor, but also acts as a measurement module, ensuring patient data continuity and continuous use during patient transport.
Intelligent dynamic channel automatically adjusts the waveform size

IntelliVue X2 will automatically adjust the size of each wave according to the configured number of displayed waves.
Battery extension for extended runtime

The Philips X2/MP2 battery extension provides up to 6 hours of additional runtime for in-hospital patient transport and simultaneous capnography and invasive blood pressure and temperature measurements.
Display connector turns X2 into a complete monitor

Connecting to a large display solution based on Philips IntelliVue XDS software turns the compact IntelliVue X2 into a standalone multifunction monitor, while giving it the same screen flexibility as the high-sensitivity IntelliVue monitor.
Multiple data transfer options for flexible workflow

The IntelliVue X2 sends data to the IntelliVue Information Center over a wired or wireless network. Data can also be uploaded to other IntelliVue monitors using a data cable.
Intelligent information query for clinical decision support

Unique smart applications can assist medical staff to complete the reference comparison, presentation and analysis of different clinical information - it is these smart applications that make up the Philips clinical decision support system.
Improved user interface for greater insight

The user interface is designed to increase the visibility of patient data, make it easier to use, and is compatible with standard software.
Small, rugged design provides reliable performance

The X2 is one of the lighter and more compact products available in critical care transport monitors. With its 3.5" color touch display, configurable smart keys and electronic recorder, the X2 brings relevant information at your fingertips.
Comprehensive vital signs data to help you gain a more complete picture of your patient's condition

After each non-invasive blood pressure measurement, the instrument generates a column of data in the vital signs trend table. In addition, the device adds other numerical measurements to provide comprehensive vital sign data support for non-invasive blood pressure measurement for a deeper understanding of patient status.
Add wireless telemetry function, real-time data presentation

With wireless telemetry (WTAAP), monitoring is more powerful and mobility is more comfortable. Enables near real-time access to electrocardiogram (ECG) / blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) data.

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