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YIGu Medical Comoany Detailed Introduction

March 14, 2019

Latest company news about YIGu Medical Comoany Detailed Introduction

Guangzhou YIGU medical equipment service co., LTD.


Introduction: YIGU medical equipment maintenance co., LTD is located in guangzhou tianhe district, guangdong province siu-tong DE south road no. 64, is a mainly provide monitor, defibrillation apparatus, electrocardiogram machine, ultrasound and probe, endoscopy, camera system, breathing machine maintenance and replacement, sales and other full-service company;Company engineer maintenance experience in 10 years, have trained in mindray, PHILIPS and other manufacturers of professional and technical personnel, integration of international channels, professional engineers at home and abroad, in line with "integrity, high quality service spirit, the company will wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide the best quality products and services, health cooperation, mutual benefit and common development!
Service content: (1) guardianship classes: monitor, oximetry, defibrillation apparatus, electrocardiogram machine maintenance and accessories consumable supply professional maintenance import brand monitor, provide mindray monitoring parts and maintenance, and sales of various kinds of monitoring accessories consumables and PHILIPS original consumables.
Brand models:
GE: DASH2000, DASH3000, DASH4000, DASH5000, DASH2500, PRO1000, EAGLE1000, EAGLE3000, EAGLE4000, MAC500, MAC1200, MAC5500, Marquette CARDIOSERV, 3000, SOLAR8000 Resonder, SOLAR8000i;
PHILIPS: M1205A (all modules), M3046, M1167A, MP20, 30, 40, MP MP MP 60 (M3000A M3001A M3014A M3015A M3016A), A1, A3, C3, M1723B, M1772A, M4735A, M3535A, M1351A, VM6, VM8;
Spacelabs: SPACELABS90309, SPACELABS90369,SPACELABS1050;Mindray: all series;COLIN: BP88, BP88S;TYCO: NBP40, NBP4000, NBP4000C, N, N - 600-595;METRAX: M240DMI, DM10, DM30;
Ultrasonic class: ultrasonic diagnostic instrument maintenance, ultrasound probe repair and plate, probe supply professional maintenance of various ultrasound probe, B ultrasonic power supply, circuit board B to exceed, ultrasound monitor, ultrasound probe, B to exceed the mainboard, B ultrasonic host;Brand: GE, TOSHIBA, SIMENS, PHILIPS, ALOKA, MEDISON, ESAOTE maintenance services include: ultrasound, matching layer, acoustic lens replacement, shell, sheath, cable repair, sensor circuit board, crystal, such as circuit interference problem.Sell all kinds of second-hand import B to exceed, colour to exceed, accessories, ultrasound probe, B to exceed the mainboard, ultrasound monitor, ultrasound video card, all kinds of ultrasound B ultra hard disk parts.
Three, endoscopic class: soft lens, lens, camera system, host, lighting maintenance and parts replacement professional maintenance import soft endoscope: push around, FUJINON, PENTAX various series electronic and fiber endoscope, including: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, duodenum mirror, bronchoscopy, nose, throat and choledochoscope.Professional maintenance of various brand rigid endoscope: history of toth, psyche, Wolf, snow force, Olympus, xion, snake;Including;Electricity cut mirror, laparoscopic, arthroscopy, sinuses, throat mirror, mirror ureter mirror and camera system, etc.Professional repair all kinds of endoscopic camera system, such as STOR, Stryker, WOLF, AESCULAP, push around, GIMMI, WISAP four, breathing, breathing machine, anesthesia machine maintenance and consumables professional maintenance breathing machine and maintenance of mechanical and electrical source, breathing breathing machine circuit board of maintenance, sales of breathing machine spare parts, consumable materials.Service brands include: New York state, Siemens, bear CARDS, birds, and so on each big mainstream brands.
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