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Yigu Medical Patient Monitor Repairing Experiences

November 1, 2019

Latest company news about Yigu Medical Patient Monitor Repairing Experiences

We generally received the machine and found that it could not be turned on.  (SIMILAR Repairing Experience)


First check the insurance and found that the fuse is good. Check the rectifier bridge later and find that there is also 324V voltage. The disconnection voltage is measured again and the voltage is 324V. At this time, the voltage slowly drops to 0V. . At this point, I think it should be a problem with the rear-stage circuit.


After that, the power board is removed and the multimeter is used to check one by one. After inspection, it is found that there is a post-stage rectifier diode breakdown, which causes a short circuit and the circuit is protected. After looking for a long time, I finally found a replaceable tube and changed it. This line has electricity, 5V, but there is no voltage on the line. According to past experience, there should be a voltage of 24V. . So I looked at the motherboard 24V trace, judging the location of the 24V line on the power board. First of all, I am the diode of the 24V output line. After checking, there is no damage.


The 24V output of the diode is followed. I will continue to check it later and find a When the inductor is found, it is found that there is 24V power in front of the inductor, and there is no voltage behind the inductor. Seeing here, everyone knows that it is a problem, so it is replaced decisively, and the fault phenomenon is eliminated! Check that the power board voltage is normal! Checked the motherboard is not short-circuited, so take the motherboard test machine! Ok, the machine starts up, and the familiar picture comes into view!

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